FILET D’ARGENT: conserves thon et sardine, importées par Moulin-Ville, grossiste France
FILET D’ARGENT is a Moulin Ville’s own brand. Wholesaler historically specialized in high quality canned fish, we are developing this range specially adapted to the taste of gourmets on French market.

Since its creation, our brand has met with growing success with consumers with:
  • canned tuna: tuna fillet, whole tuna, belly
  • canned sardines
  • canned anchovy fillets.

A success justified by the choice of a highly reputable partner, with whom we can meet our quality requirements.


All canned fish under FILET D'ARGENT brand.
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Nous avons choisi l'une des meilleures unités de production du secteur de la conserverie de poissons.
Implantée en Tunisie, cette entreprise a su marier les savoir-faire et recettes traditionnelles, aux exigences actuelles de qualité et de sécurité alimentaire.

MOULIN VILLE is the exclusive importer wholesaler of the FILET D'ARGENT brand in France.


We have chosen one of the best production units in the fish canning sector.
Established in Tunisia, this company has been able to combine traditional know-how and recipes with current quality and food safety requirements.

A choice recognized by consumers, who are increasingly in favor of the FILET D'ARGENT brand.

Numbers speak for themselves.
Because all references combined, the volume of our FILET D'ARGENT brand orders has more than doubled : a growth of 114.56% between 2019 and 2020.


Importer of food products widely used in the kitchens of North Africa, Moulin Ville launched its brand Filet d'Argent with a safe bet: canned tuna.
We started our range with tuna fillet and whole tuna.

As success came, we added a collection of tinned Sardines: another very great classic of Maghreb tables.

Faced to the increase in demand from our customers, we have decided to extend again the range of canned FILET D'ARGENT.
Recently, our consumers have also been enjoying Filet d'Argent tuna Ventresca and Filet d'Argent anchovy fillets (several packaging).

Some references are offered in batches of 4 boxes ready for your shelves.

The "plus product" of whole tuna FILET d'ARGENT

Our Filet d'Argent whole tuna is sold in a metal can with a fresh lid.
The guarantee of preserving the flavor and qualities of the product: the opened box can be stored directly in the refrigerator.