Grossiste meilleure poutargue grecque STEFOS. Moulin Ville, importateur exclusif France
STEFOS is probably the best brand of Greek bottarga imported into France. This precious orange-pink "caviar" with flavors magnified by the greatest chefs of gastronomy, invites itself to the table of all gourmets.

STEFOS Catalogue

Moulin-Ville, exclusive importer of STEFOS in France, offers the traditional bottarga in a waxed bar, placed in a protective box.
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STEFOS: the best of the Aegean

Considered as the Caviar of the Mediterranean, bottarga (or bottarga) is traditionally produced from delicately dried and salted mullet egg pouches.
Its taste qualities make it one of the most popular ingredients in gourmet cuisine.
And the STEFOS brand is the excellence of the Aegean Sea on your plate.

Powerful in taste, bottarga makes it possible to make refined dishes with small quantities.
The most gourmet connoisseurs appreciate it as it is, in small, extra-thin slices.
Grated over a dish of pasta, or a soft-boiled egg, bottarga works wonders.

STEFOS know-how

The roe pouches treated by STEFOS are salted with fresh sea salt directly from the bay of Aitolikon.
The egg sacs are gently rubbed to eliminate any presence of air.
A long process of several weeks, requiring installations with controlled temperature and humidity.

After this stage, for part of the production, the bottargues are smoked naturally, with a precise association of wood species: a secret STEFOS recipe.
To finish, each bottarga (plain or smoked) is immersed in 100% natural beeswax melted.
Thanks to this coating, the natural humidity of the product is preserved, and the bottarga is protected from external aggressions.

At each stage, product quality is meticulously controlled by experienced and fully trained staff.

MOULIN VILLE is the exclusive importer for kosher of STEFOS brand

Stefos bottarga is available in several sizes/weights (from around 100g to over 400g).

Being a 'raw' product, egg pouches cannot be 'standardised'.
We sell STEFOS bottarga in boxes of several units, the number of which varies according to arrivals.
The weight of bottarga varies according to arrivals, and this very precious dish is sold by weight.
This is why an estimate is necessary and will be confirmed with each order.

Knowing the seriousness and notoriety of Moulin Ville, STEFOS gave us the exclusive import of their bottarga in France.

STEFOS: the Brand

George Stefos and his family grew up on the shores of the Messolonghi-Etoliko lagoon and learned the art of bottarga from local traditional fishermen.

For decades, the "Stefos bottarga", based on a traditional homemade recipe, was known to a small circle of locals.
They appreciated STEFOS bottarga as a tasty and nutritious daily food, and also as a precious delicacy for festive meals.

In 2008, George Stefos and his children, along with a group of experienced food technologists and product promotion experts, founded their company based in Aitolikon.
Objective: to share with the whole world the unique gourmet products of the lagoon, by combining tradition and innovation.

The company is building groundbreaking facilities in Greece for processing, packaging and adding value to offshore, lagoon and aquaculture products.

An international reputation

Each product that leaves the STEFOS factory is a special ambassador of Greek cuisine, introducing consumers from all over the world to the unique flavors of Greece.

Bottarga Stefos: high nutritional value

Stefos bottarga has a high nutritional value.
Its anti-thrombotic properties help strengthen the immune system.
Full of balanced protein, good fats, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidant vitamins C and E, and containing zinc and selenium, bottarga helps protect against heart disease.

Omega-3 fatty acids, essential for human health, are not produced by the body.
Only food can provide it.

STEFOS bottarga does not contain any preservatives, additives, dyes or artificial colors.
It is particularly suitable for athletes and children due to the high concentration of protein, omega-3 fatty acids and selenium it contains.

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