Huiles d'olive de Grèce ILIADA: grossiste importateur huiles extra vierge
ILIADA is a brand recognized worldwide for the quality and flavor of its award-winning Greek Olive Oils. It is also a producer of olive oils constantly looking for innovations.

Innovation in terms of taste, with the selection of local olives chosen for their specific flavors (koroneiki, Kalamata, olives from the Peloponnese...).
Hand-picked olives for its ranges of excellence.
Or with the production of flavored olive oils (basil, truffle, etc.)

Technical innovation as well, in particular with its offer of oil in a metering spray.

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MOULIN VILLE is a wholesale importer of the ILIADA brand in France.

ILIADA know-how

Koroneiki Olive Oils

Koroneiki is an olive from the Peloponese region, in southern Greece.
It produces a fruity-tasting oil with notes of freshly cut grass and green apple.

It is a perfect oil to combine with sweet flavors: salads and vegetables, fish, poultry, vinaigrette.

The soil

For its ranges of excellence (Premium or Kalamata PDO), ILIADA selects olives grown in Laconia and Messinia, in the Peloponnese, (South and South-West of Greece).
Its micro-climate favors the production of extremely tasty fruits, from which the best olive oils are extracted, much appreciated by gourmets.

ILIADA: the brand

Created in 1964 in the heart of the famous Greek city KALAMATA, the ILIADA brand selects the best quality fruits for the production of its oils and canned olives.
This gives its range of products an exceptional flavor and finesse.
To guarantee this quality, its entire production chain is certified.

Moulin Ville, wholesaler of quality olive oils

As an importing wholesaler specializing in products and preserves with flavors from around the Mediterranean, we have of course selected the excellent olive oils imported from Greece, from the ILIADA brand, renowned among gourmets all over the world.
We offer our Professional Clients:

Iliada Olive Oil

  • Kalamata PDO Olive Oil (PDO), recognized among the best Olive Oils of Greece - 1L glass bottle
  • Olive oil Extra Virgin Olive Oil, cold pressed from olives of the Koroneiki variety - 5 L canister
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil PREMIUM range - cold pressing, in 0.5L or 1L glass bottle

Iliada Olive Oil Spray (200ml)

  • Olive Oil with Truffle in dose spray
  • Olive Oil with Basil spray
  • Kalamata PDO Olive Oil Spray

The Iliada dosing spray: find out more

Iliada olives

  • Kalamata PDO olives, imported from Greece. Jar 370g
  • Green olives from Greece, 370g jar

Olive paste

In Provence, we would call these preparations tapenades.
Available in a 175g jar, these ILIADA Greek specialties are perfect for improvising a tasty aperitif:

  • Paste of Kalamata Olives and Dried Figs (a combination of typical Greek flavors)
  • Paste of Kalamata Olives and Dried Tomatoes
  • Green Olive Paste with Hot Peppers
  • Green Olive and Red Pepper Paste