MAMA'S: grossiste conserves vegan, recette traditionnelles sans conservateur
For lovers of Creative Cuisine. MAMA'S products, inspired by traditional recipes from Macedonia (Balkans), are free of additives and colourings.

Produced exclusively from 100% natural local ingredients, MAMA'S specialties are a reference for the VEGAN consumer, as well as for consumers looking for authentic flavors whatever their diet.

MAMA's Catalog

Canned mixed salad specialities, MAMA'S brand.
Wholesale to retailers, wholesalers, supermarkets, purchasing groups.
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MOULIN VILLE is a wholesaler of the MAMA'S brand

We selected these 4 MAMA'S creams, to use:

  • as a spread for the aperitif, tapas style
  • with pasta, sandwiches, burgers...
  • or as a condiment for meat preparations: Cevapcici, etc.

MAMA'S: the brand

MAMA'S offers gourmets from all countries the treasures of Balkan cuisine, respecting the culinary traditions of Macedonia, where fresh and local ingredients are used.
MAMA'S develops a creative approach by adding a personal and unique touch to each MAMA'S recipe, even if it draws on a traditional "House" recipe.

Updated to meet the tastes of consumers everywhere, MAMA'S canned specialty jars have also adopted a modern and cheerful look.
Thus, we enjoy placing these pretty little glass jars in bright colors directly on the table, available to your guests, for spreads and tapas.

A matter of delicacy

It was during an aperitif with friends, around many spreadable delicacies, that the 3 founding friends of the MAMA'S brand made it their mission to make delicious Balkan cuisine known beyond its borders.
Thus was born MAMA'S.

But that was not all.
Because then, even if Petar, Kalin and Boban benefited from the excellent recipes of their respective mothers (recipes prepared with love), they traveled all over the country in search of the best "homemade recipes" to develop their range.

Our MAMA's range

And that's why, as a food wholesaler constantly looking for the best in traditional cuisine, we chose the canned AJVAR and the canned MALLIZANO from MAMA'S.
These two specialties based on bell pepper and aubergine are offered in sweet or spicy versions, following the recipes of Mama Maria for the Ajvar with red pepper, and Mama Elena for the Malizzano with green pepper.

We liked the crisp taste of the grilled pepper, paired with the soft, round texture of the eggplant.

VEGAN, even for non-Vegan

It's important: even if MAMA'S preserves meet all the criteria required by VEGAN consumers, they are above all tasty and of high quality.
So that everyone finds their account, whatever their food convictions.

Indeed, MAMA'S canned specialties are made from local and seasonal ingredients.
They are:

  • 100% natural
  • additives free
  • preservative free
  • no artificial coloring
  • without thickener or starch

MAMA'S preparations are made from seasonal ingredients, harvested at perfect ripeness: what makes the quality of their flavor.
This is also why MAMA'S preserves are produced in limited quantities, because they are subject to the seasonality of local harvests.