PESCAMAR: importé par Moulin Ville France grossiste en conserves de poisson
PESCAMAR offers shellfish and squid lovers delicacies rare canned fruits and seafood, in preparation typical of Spanish cuisine from coastal regions.


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MOULIN VILLE is a wholesale importer of the PESCAMAR brand in France.

Moulin Ville France wholesaler specializing in canned tuna, has selected PESCAMAR brand. Imported products:

  • Tuna in Sunflower Oil canned 80g or 120g or in batches of 3
  • Tuna in tomato sauce, 80g can or in batches of 3
  • Mussels with Escabèche
  • Squid: in American sauce, or with squid ink

PESCAMAR: the brand

PESCAMAR has been able to adapt and modernize its production lines in order to meet all the requirements of the various world markets.

However, the company relies on know-how in fish and seafood canning inherited from 60 years of existence.
Founded in 1961, the company founded by Alfonso García López is one of the few canneries producing mussels or canned squid.

One of the strong points that allowed PESCAMAR to develop very quickly.
So much so that the influence of the PESCAMAR brand, as a canned Seafood brand, has gone of its country of origin (Spain).

Today, the reputation of PESCAMAR preserves has won the tables of many discerning consumers in more than 35 countries.
Thus, PESCAMAR canned products are present in Europe, North Africa, the United States, Asia...

The quality ethics of PESCAMAR preserves

Aware of the role of quality in the sustainability of companies, in particular for the manufacture of food products, PESCAMAR has been committed to this from the outset.
Thus, in 1967, the factory was moved to be closer to the region, supplying it with some of its raw materials.

A desire currently reinforced by the need for the food industry to be part of a production approach that respects the environment.
This is why PESCAMAR makes it a point of honor to train and motivate its teams in this regard.

The "Quality" department, created specifically, ensures continuous monitoring of quality.
This allows PESCAMAR to undertake the continuous improvements that quality in health and food requires, from one end of its chain to the other.
From its suppliers... to the doors of its customers.