CONSORCIO, conserve de filets d'anchois et thon de tradition, thon en boîte, thon en conserve - Grossiste MOULIN VILLE France, import Espagne
The history of the famous red box of small fine anchovies began in the fishing village of SANTOÑA, in 1950. A few artisans in fish processing come together to found Consorcio Español Conservero.

The main cannery factory was based in the village, in Cantabria.
The production of preserves started with fish such as anchovies or albacore tuna from the Bay of Biscay for the most part.
The CONSORCIO brand also produced canned Atlantic horse mackerel, Atlantic mackerel or Atlantic salmon.

It was the time of spinners, black and white fishermen and wave-battered fishing boats.


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MOULIN VILLE is a wholesale importer of the CONSORCIO brand in France..

We have selected the CONSORCIO brand for its quest for excellence, combined with ancient know-how from traditional canneries in seaside villages in Spain.
Imported products: 

  • Canned anchovy fillets: anchovy fillet in olive oil, canned or in a glass jar. Range of Gran Reserva anchovy fillets, Platinium black boxes, and traditional CONSORCIO anchovy fillets in red boxes
  • Canned tuna: tuna in oil, tuna belly in olive oil - Bonito del Norte range