CONSERVERA DE TARIFA is a brand specializing in canned blue fish, imported from Spain: canned melva, canned tuna (different species) and canned mackerel. The different species of blue fish are renowned for their nutritional qualities.

Their high protein and vitamin content are accompanied by a low fat and carbohydrate content, perfect for a healthy and balanced diet. They contain unsaturated fatty acids (especially omega-3) which prevent cardiovascular disease.


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The Conservera de Tarifa brand has received all the heritage of traditional know-how from more than 10 historic canneries in the city of Tarifa, Spain.

The manufacture of canned fish has always been linked to Tarifa and its inhabitants, in the province of Cádiz in Andalusia.
Tarifa is the southernmost coastal city of Spain.
Located on the tip of Gibraltar, it faces the coast of Morocco and its cultural influences in terms of traditional fishing and canning.

Conservera de Tarifa was born from the union of the two most traditional fish canning factories in Tarifa:

  • Tarifeña S.L
  • Marina Real S.A

Manufacture of canned fish

At CONSERVERA DE TARIFA, the fish processing and canning process is done by hand.
The company uses no chemicals, and produces canned fish without any unnatural additives or preservatives.

Respect for fish in Sustainable Resources

CONSERVERA follows the policy implemented by the Regulatory Council for Protected Geographical Indications for the protection of the Caballa de Andalucía and Melva de Andalucía species.

Certified quality

The supply and manufacturing choices adopted by CONSERVERA DE TARIFA guarantee some of the highest quality preserves.
The brand has obtained the quality certification granted by the Junta de Andalucía.

MOULIN VILLE is a wholesale importer of the CONSERVERA DE TARIFA brand in France.

Importer specializing in canned fish, always looking for authentic flavors and know-how from long fishing and canning traditions, MOULIN-VILLE has obviously selected the CONSERVERA DE TARIFA brand to add it to its products catalog imported from Spain.

Our selection of Conservera de Tarifa canned fish:

Canned mackerel

Canned tuna