AMICI MIEI : grossiste importateur produits import Italie
AMICI MIEI offers a range of specialties combining the quality and typical flavors of Italian cuisine with the requirements of modern catering.

In Italy, the parent company is known for providing authentic and tasty pre-processed products to culinary professionals, with which the chef makes the most of his cooking skills.
A requirement and flavors that your customers will be able to find on their plates, with our selection of AMICI MIEI products:

  • Italian antipasto
  • canned artichokes
  • Local olives


All our AMICI MIEI preserves: Italian specialties and canned artichokes, antipasti in trays, Italian olives at wholesale prices.
Sale to professionals. Wholesale to retailers, wholesalers, supermarkets, purchasing groups.
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MOULIN VILLE is a wholesale importer of the AMICI MIEI brand in France.

AMICI MIEI: the taste of Italy

Antipasti "Grillati" and "le specialità"

A tradition of Italian "ristoranti": the house welcomes you to its table with some antipasti, as soon as you sit down.
The Italian version of the French amuse-bouche.
To whet your appetite, take the time to choose from the menu the gourmet specialties of Italian cuisine, which owes its flavor to the excellence of the fresh products used.

They are generally an assortment of small grilled vegetables, quickly marked, or prepared "Roman style"...
AMICI MIEI has made a specialty of these preparations served just before the meal, or as an aperitif, with its "Le Specialità" range, including its famous "Grigliati" anti-pasti.

Italian local olives

AMICI MIEI offers delicious varieties of olives from different Italian terroirs:

  • Tuscany, in northern Italy, for the Leccino variety
  • Puglia, the "heel of the boot" in southern Italy, for the varieties San Agostino and Bella di Cerignola (the largest olives in the world)

AMICI MIEI: the brand

AMICI MIEI brand preserves are exclusively imported into France by MOULIN VILLE.

The parent company was created in 1963, by the Ferrari family, in the region of VERONE, in Tuscany.
It has based its reputation for excellence on this cultural heritage.

Today, thanks to the development of production methods combining safety, terroir and traditional flavors of Italian cuisine, the parent company of the AMICI MIEI brand has obtained the IFS and BRC Food certificates.
A guarantee in the quality of canned food production.

Moulin Ville, wholesaler and importer of Italian specialties

We selected:

  • The 240g trays:
    > AMICI MIEI artichoke cream, to spread on small croutons, or to use in various original recipes
    > AMICI MIEI Dried Tomatoes
    > Grilled artichokes AMICI MIEI (Carciofi Grigliati)
    > Pitted grilled green olives

  • Jar specialties:
    > Roman artichokes AMICI MIEI - Glass jar 650 g / 72 cl
    > Chef's artichokes (Carciofi dello Chef) AMICI MIEI - 290g Glass Jar

  • Canned specialties:
    > Artichokes à la Romaine: catering format... or big gourmets, in a 1.9 kg can

  • The olives:
    available in a 72 cl (680g) glass jar
    > Pitted "Leccino" purple olives:
    originating in Tuscany, these good-sized olives are particularly appreciated on pizzas or in pasta of course, but also in tajines and other dishes of Maghreb cuisine. Its taste qualities mean that this cultivar is also produced around the Mediterranean, in Pakistan... Its low oil content and its flavor make it more suitable for table olive consumption.
    > "San Agostino" green olives:
    cultivar originating from Puglia, in southern Italy, large fruit with delicate flesh
    > Giant "Bella di Cerignola" green olives:
    whose mild flavor is enjoyed as is. Bella di Cerignola olives, also from Puglia, are said to be the largest olives in the world