AMILCAR: grossiste importateur ingrédients cuisine Tunisienne
With its experience in oriental and Maghreb food products, Moulin-Ville launched its own AMILCAR brand in 2004. Its vocation is to offer oriental specialties of excellent quality, at an attractive price for the French consumer.


The AMILCAR range offers:

  • sauces to use with salads, pasta, sandwiches, hamburgers...
  • condiments
  • specialties directly inspired by Maghreb cuisine
  • olives


All canned Tunisian specialties and AMILCAR sauces.
Wholesale to retailers, wholesalers, supermarkets, purchasing groups.
Looking for Kosher products? Consult our dedicated catalog.

Our AMILCAR range at wholesale prices

Sauces with ethnic flavors

We chosen to manufacture our AMILCAR sauces in the country of the greatest lovers of sauces for Street Food and Fries: BELGIUM.

Widely used in sandwiches and fast food, they also accompany grilled meats, salads or even pasta dishes.
We offer a wide range of recipes, packaged in a 500ml squeeze bottle or a 500ml feeding bottle (fine tip for precision).
We have chosen recipes adapted to Halal cuisine.

Good to know: use them to improvise aperitifs.
Pour it into a few pretty jars.
Your guests will be able to dip crackers or doritos (the famous little Mexican triangular crisps, which have so quickly conquered our tables).

  • sauces with Maghreb flavors:
    Algerian sauce,
    Tunisian sauce,
    White sauce,
    moroccan sauce

  • sauces with Mediterranean flavors:
    Andalusian sauce,
    arrabiata all'tono sauce,
    arrabiata puttanesca sauce

  • sauces with oriental flavors:
    Samurai sauce (japan),
    Pili Pili Sauce

  • gourmet recipes:
    Cheezy sauce (cheese flavor)
    fish to fish sauce (perfect on dishes such as fish and chips)
    Mayorissa (spicy harissa mayonnaise)

  • classic recipes

Condiments and world cuisine specialties

Our mechouia salads are available in glass jars of several sizes.
Produced in Tunisia, they inherit all the know-how and traditional recipes of Tunisian cooks.

    • Condiments:
      candied lemons (Beldi),
      chilli pepper,
      Berber recipe harissa,
      harissa homemade recipe,
      green chili delight

    • Maghreb specialties

      - Mechouia salad in a glass jar:
      ~ natural recipe salad with peppers,
      ~ Mechouia Olives,
      ~ sweet mechouia,
      ~ mechouia hot peppers and peppers,
      ~ lemon mechouia

      - Chakchouka salad

      - Mloukhia

Italian and Tunisian olives

Buoyed by its success, our AMILCAR House Brand is developing its range of olives.
In addition to the famous Aouames olives imported from Tunisia, we have added to our Professional Catalog a selection of Italian olives imported from the most famous regions, for this product very popular at aperitif time.