I PISCATURA, anchois de Sicile: grossiste importateur spécialités Italie

MOULIN VILLE is a wholesale importer of the I PISCATURI brand in France.

Imported products:

  • Anchovies in Salt I PISCATURA: triangle-shaped trays with 2 anchovy bars, sold by Box of 5Kg
  • Anchovy Paste in Tube I PISCATURA, 60g
  • Tray of Anchovies in Salt sous vide I PISCATURA, 80g

With its experience as a specialist in canned fish on the French market, Moulin-Ville has set up a specific partnership with I PISCATURA.
Thus we offer special packaging made for Moulin-Ville, in 80 g rectangular vacuum-packed trays, for 3 boneless anchovy recipes, worked by hand:

  • Anchovies in Oil I PISCATURA,
  • Anchovies Garlic and Parsley I PISCATURA
  • Spicy Anchovies I PISCATURA

I PISCATURA, the brand

I PISCATURA produces canned anchovies in the purest tradition of know-how inherited from the artisanal fishermen of Sicily, in southern Italy.

Located a few kilometers from Palermo, the anchovy canning factory I PISCATURA has developed a notoriety that has gone beyond the coasts of Sicily, to extend to all of Italy.
In this country where the consumer is accustomed to the consumption of local products and terroirs, authentic flavors take precedence.

Since its foundation in 1947, I PISCATURA has worked to guarantee the best quality of the anchovies it uses for its canned anchovies in jars and cans.
By giving time time to do things right.

I PISCATURA selects its fish only in the right months (May-June).
They come exclusively from the Sicilian and Spanish coasts, and are worked by hand.
Then the anchovies are packaged once they are perfectly ripe and pink in color.

I PISCATURA is one of the few anchovy canning factories to deal directly with the production of salted and oiled fish.
It inherits the traditional know-how of its founder "grandfather Battista", who was a fisherman and a great connoisseur of the secrets of the sea.
Today's production and recipes are directly inspired by this specialist's old manufacturing techniques, which he has passed on and developed for more than 50 years.

Today, his heirs have been able to adapt this family know-how to the requirements of modernity and its health rules.
The plant employs a highly skilled workforce.

Thanks to its policy and its know-how, I PISCATURA has obtained the recognition of the EEC, for its activity carried out in compliance with European laws and regulations.
A guarantee of excellent quality that will satisfy the palate of the French consumer.

In 2014, the Balistreri Girolamo company, which produces I PISCATURA anchovies, received the "BEST IN SICILY" award for excellence in Sicilian cuisine and wine, in the best canning company category.

Canned anchovies: a basic

Canned anchovies keep for a long time.
Its flavor makes it a staple of the kitchen, to have permanently at home.
Here are some recipes to inspire your customers.