Importer Wholesaler, supplier of canned or bagged LMC tuna
LMC Foods is a company known for supplying canned tuna for the HoReCA segment (hospitality, restaurants, cafes) and the food industry.

With a very strong presence in Europe, since LMC Foods supplies no less than 17 EU countries.
This international scope, as well as the requirement of their professional customers, allows LMC Foods to produce canned and bagged tuna while meeting the most demanding quality and food safety standards.

LMC Foods Catalogue

Moulin-Ville started the brand with LMC Foods tuna pockets (1kg).
Given the success of LMC Foods with its own professional customers, Moulin Ville is extending its selection to new LMC Foods canned tuna references.
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LMC FOODS: rigor and traceability

The demanding selection process for LMC Foods suppliers is based on relationships of trust, with the objective of transparency and the common search for quality.


Thus, LMC Foods establishes a traceability file for its seafood products, from source to destination.
A process that also ensures that resources are used in a controlled manner.

LMC Foods know-how

Trust and reliability

A leading seafood supplier, LMC Foods builds trusted relationships with its customers.
This is thanks to a transparent management of the supply chain, and a customer service based on excellence, with a policy of continuous improvement.

MOULIN VILLE is importer of LMC Foods tuna in France

Moulin-Ville supplies LMC Foods tuna pouches and LMC Foods canned tuna to food industry professionals in France: professional wholesalers, department stores, supermarkets...

LMC Foods: the Brand

In addition to its quality and traceability objectives, LMC Foods is committed to sustainable development.
We are committed to sustainably maintaining the resources used by our supply network.
Very aware that its future depends on marine resources, the brand is committed to maintaining a neutral, even positive effect on the environment.

In particular, LMC Foods works exclusively with certified suppliers.
BRC Food, IFS Food, Dolphin Safe, in particular, are among the labels constituting their selection criteria.