Huile d'olive COPPINI: grossiste France, importateur produits culinaires d'Italie


All COPPINI Brand Virgin Olive Oils.
Wholesale to retailers, wholesalers, supermarkets, purchasing groups.
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MOULIN VILLE is a wholesale importer of the COPPINI brand in France.

Imported products:

  • COPPINI Olive Oil Classico range in a 0.75L glass bottle, with its pretty Carafe shape

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil COPPINI Coldoro range in 1L glass bottle

 COPPINI: the Brand

A committed brand, the Italian company COPPINI implements various actions with the aim of contributing to the establishment of a production that has no impact on the environment.
COPPINI has obtained the ICEA Biologico and BRC Food certifications

School and Environment project

Thus, Coppini is a sponsor of the School and Environment Project, to make young people aware of the correct recovery of used oils.

Treatment and recovery of used oils

To be properly recycled, the residual frying oil, or that of the condiments can be completely recovered to become an important RESOURCE.
After a regeneration treatment, these oils become raw and fully recyclable as the basis for various products:

  • traction biodiesel,
  • sealants,
  • adhesives,
  • inks,
  • soap, etc.

Economic benefit

On the other hand, the recycling of used oils allows significant savings in the maintenance of domestic wastewater networks and treatment plants.