Canned fish - importer wholesaler

Moulin-Ville is a wholesaler historically specialized in canned fish.
Importer of canned fish in cans or jars, we offer our Professional Customers, Food Wholesalers and Supermarkets, an extensive catalog in this range of products:

  • Thon, Anchois, sprats, maquereau, Sardines
  • Tuna, Anchovies, Sprats, Mackerel, Sardines
  • a large selection of canned fish brands chosen for their quality and flavor,
  • a varied packaging proposal: glass jar, metal box, batches or unit, small packaging or large boxes up to 1kg...
  • recipes and specialties for all tastes: Tuna Sorra (Ventresca), Whole tuna, fillet of tuna, Sardines in oil, with tomato, with chilli, anchovies in salt, Sardine meatballs, Sardine Essaouirade...

Initially, we offered a range of canned Tuna and Sardines, with the EL MANAR brands then FILET D’ARGENT.

Other canned fish brands have been added: CONSORCIO (including its famous GRAN GOURMET and PLATINUM ranges), CALLIPO, CONSERVERA DE TARIFA, I PISCATURA, PELAZZA, PESCAMAR, REALMAR, "OO" YURRITA,