LA ROCCA is an Italian company that specializes in the selection of local Italian olives, produced only in their region..

Among these productions of excellence: olives from LECCINO, Olives from SICILY, Olives from CERIGNOLA...
LA ROCCA is known for its fresh olives in trays, very popular in Italy.
With its experience and history, LA ROCCA also offers a variety of olives from Greece.


All fresh LA ROCCA olives, imported from Italy.
Wholesale to retailers, wholesalers, supermarkets, purchasing groups.
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LA ROCCA: the brand

Founded in 1988, La Rocca is a family business from Lazio, in a region where the cultivation of olives is almost a religion.
LA ROCCA cultivates its own olives: which is the guarantee of its demanding know-how.
Thanks to which LA ROCCA is BRC (British Retail Consortium) and IFS (International Featured Standard) certified and can produce organic and kosher products.

LA ROCCA processes and packs the highest quality Italian and Greek olives.

We selected LA ROCCA for 2 reasons:

  • their range of exceptional Italian olive varieties,
  • their packaging at ambient and refrigerated temperature.

Olives: a key ingredient in Italian cuisine

Symbol of the Mediterranean, the olive is a key ingredient in Italian cuisine.
In Italy, there are about four hundred varieties, most of which differ by region, divided into two main categories: black olives and green olives.

Next, the olives are left on the tree to ripen and picked in winter, between October and February.

With forty years of experience in the production and processing of olives, La Rocca offers a wide range from many regions of Italy: Olives from Sicily, Olives from Puglia, Olives from Lazio, Olives from Abruzzo… and as far as the Adriatic Sea, by selecting excellent olives from Greece.

Four methods, four flavors

LA ROCCA masters four post-harvest olive ripening techniques:

  • the Castelvetrano, gives a soft and delicate taste to the olive
  • the Sevillan, gives an intense and salty taste,
  • the Natural, applied to freshly picked olives, which allows the olives to keep their juice naturally strong
  • in the oven, an ancient method: the olives are dried before flavoring them according to the traditional recipes of central Italy.

MOULIN VILLE is a wholesale importer of LA ROCCA olives.

Varieties imported in 150 g or 175 g trays:

  • Broken olives from Sicily
  • Sweet Green Olives from Sicily
  • Pitted Sweet Green Olives from Sicily
  • Pitted Leccino Olives
  • Green olives from Cerignola
  • Pitted Sweet Green Olives from Greece