Grossiste importateur marque MERAY: graines de Tournesol et Pistaches Turques en sachet, grillées, salées et non salées
MERAY is probably the benchmark brand for those who love snacking on these delicious Sunflower seeds, or Turkish pistachios appreciated by the best pastry chefs, ice cream makers and professional caterers.

MERAY Catalog

Our selection of Sunflower Seeds, Sunflower Dakota and Turkish Pistachios from the imported MERAY brand.
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MERAY: the best of seeds to nibble

MOULIN VILLE is an importer of the MERAY brand

Pistachios from Antep

Another name for Turkish Pistachios.

Pistachio trees from Turkey produce fines almonds that are highly regarded among gastronomy professionals.
Smaller than the usual pistachios grown in India, US, Greece or Iran, pistachios from Turkey are also the favorites of gourmets.

Their much more pronounced pistachio taste explains why it is the best pistachio for pastry chefs, ice cream makers, delicatessen caterers... and gourmets!
Moreover, their pretty shades are an additional asset when used in decoration.

We selected:

  • Turkish pistachios in bag 225 g
  • Turkish pistachios Bag 500 g

Dakota Sun-flower seeds

It is the top range of Roasted Sunflower seeds produced by Meray.
The Dakota variety is distinguished by its mostly black shell.
Fine palates appreciate its flavor.

Classic Sunflower Seeds

As for the DAKOTA variety, our MERAY Sunflower seeds are available in 3 variants:

  • without salt
  • lightly salted
  • extra salty (reinforced salt flavor: Mister Plus has been there...)

MERAY: the Brand

Meray Nuts, specializing in the cultivation, processing and export of Turkish pistachios since 1978, is one of the leading companies in the range of products based on seeds or almonds.

Raw materials

The Turkish pistachios used are picked directly from the farmers.
MERAY also cultivates on its own land.

This makes it possible to provide seeds of the best quality, at a reasonable price.

An international reputation

The seeds and kernels used by MERAY come from solis chosen for their flavor.
Its Turkish pistachios, the fattest and most delicious in the world, are notoriously appreciated by professionals in confectionery, chocolate, as well as manufacturers of ice creams, creams and desserts.

However, the processing and storage plants have been centralized in Germany, a country where the demand for quality is cultural, for generations.
Nuts and various almonds are processed with the greatest attention, thanks to the very high-tech machinery installed in the production plants.
This choice of location also allows MERAY to supply its products to more than 50 countries.

Thanks to these two factors, MERAY has obtained international recognition, with IFS certification.

Video: production of MERAY sunflower seeds 

This video shows the production of bags of MERAY Sunflower Seeds