PETTI: meilleur que Mutti, tomates en conserve, concentré, tomates passées extra fine
PETTI is a signature brand for lovers of canned tomatoes, coulis, purées, pulps and double concentrates with the Italian touch and the authentic taste of homemade tomato preserves. Closer to traditional Italian cooking ingredients.

PETTI Catalogue

Prepared with high quality fruits, the tomatoes selected by PETTI, produced in Tuscany (Italy), are processed at low temperatures.
It is for their demand for quality and taste that MOULIN VILLE has chosen PETTI canned tomatoes, rather than MUTTI.
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PETTI: the Tuscan sun in a jar

Located in the middle of the Italian boot, on the Mediterranean side, Tuscany is renowned for its landscapes, its relaxed lifestyle, its history and its cultural richness.
This very beautiful region of Italy also benefits from a land marked by splendid agricultural farms.
So much so that agrotourism has particularly developed there.

Because it is in Tuscany that we find agricultural products with high added value: great wines (Chianti, Brunello...), olive oil, beef of the Chianina breed (the most famous in Italy)...
Cereals, fruits and vegetables are also grown here.
In particular the very famous Tuscan tomatoes, which have long been very famous.

Characteristics of the Tuscan soil

The farmlands of Tuscany take advantage of the sea and nearby mountains.
Rich in mineral salts (phosphorus, potassium, etc.), the fields are irrigated by deep groundwater, thanks to artesian wells.
The clayey-sandy soils with high permeability of Tuscany naturally prevent water stagnation: a perfect natural means of combating the proliferation of mold.

PETTI know-how

In addition to select extra quality fruits, and to a specialization in the production of organic preserves since 2015, PETTI has developed a particular technique for processing tomatoes: process at low temperature.

Process at low temperature (Cold Break)

The tomato is washed, sorted by optical selection and manual sorting, then crushed at room temperature.
It is only then that it is scalded in a preheater, before final transformation.
This process involves a larger amount of scrap.
So a higher cost, but which is a guarantee of quality in the end.

Thus, the bright red color of the tomato is preserved, as well as its fragrance and flavor. As if the tomato had just been picked...

PETTI's high standards for processing and canning 100% Tuscan tomatoes quickly won the loyalty of Italian consumers.
The Italians, known for their tradition of tasty home cooking, find in PETTI tomatoes the characteristic flavor and authenticity of a typical homemade preserve.
This although PETTI 100% Tuscan Tomato preserves are produced industrially.


As soon as consumers started expressing a return to a healthy diet, with top quality ingredients, the PETTI house set about innovating in the sector of canned organic tomatoes.
Among these innovations "Il delicato BIO" is the organic version of the extra-fine mash that has made PUTTI's reputation in many countries.

The success of “Il delicato BIO” has confirmed PETTI in its approach:

  • supplies of quality raw materials,
  • a demanding transformation technique.

MOULIN VILLE is a wholesaler of the PETTI brand

PETTI: the Brand


The PETTI Group has been producing canned and jarred tomatoes since 1925.

The company, which bears the name of its owners, has been supplying large Italian and international groups for decades.

Premium canned tomatoes

In 2013, the Italian Food S.p.A. group company, managed by Pasquale Petti, the fourth generation of the family, is in charge of packaging all products bearing the PETTI brand.
It launches a premium line of canned tomatoes, dedicated to the Italian market, as well as to foreign markets more sensitive to innovation and quality.

Products bearing the "PETTI" brand are born: they are prepared with high quality Tuscan and Italian tomatoes processed at low temperatures.

A growing international reputation

Very soon after their launch on the Italian market, PETTI products met with great success.
From its 3 years of existence, the brand had acquired strong credibility thanks to the quality of its products, the innovation of the company's industrial processes and its modern approach to market development.

Like its competitor MUTTI, PETTI tomatoes are seeing their notoriety grow internationally.
Canned PETTI tomatoes are gaining space on the shelves of French supermarkets, and on consumers' tables.