TERFASS NORA (Aïcha): importateur grossiste truffes blanches du Maroc
The NORA brand is the little sister of AÏCHA products. Known for its canned Moroccan products that are not very common in our grocery shelves, NORA notably offers Terfass mushrooms (sand truffle, or white Moroccan truffle).

MOULIN VILLE is a wholesaler of Terfass NORA in France.

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This white truffle from Morocco occupies a special place in Kuwaiti gastronomy, where it is paired with traditional dishes in a sauce of rice and meat.
In Morocco, it is often associated with dishes in stews, such as lamb shoulder with terfess recipe.

Sand Truffle (terfess)

This white truffle from Morocco is less expensive than its cousin, the black truffle (Tuber melanosporum) produced in Europe.
Directly imported from North Africa, it has several names: terfass, terfess (or terfez), sand truffle, zoubaidi, ezzabdi.

Much appreciated in Kuwait, it has become extremely rare since the invasion of the country by Iraq in 1990.
Kuwaiti lovers of this delicious underground mushroom are notoriously supplied in Morocco.

This "white gold" of the desert grows there in the wild in the forest of Mâamora in the North-West, the plains of the high plateaus in the East as well as the Sahara in the South and South-East.

As with the black truffle, the market is very seasonal.
This explains its rarity.

The white Moroccan truffle only grows from November to April, to be harvested from March to May.
The volume and quality of the harvest is highly dependent on weather conditions.
The abundance of white sand truffles is notoriously linked to rainfall in autumn.

Because of this seasonality and these weather factors, getting canned white truffles is a perfect solution for cooking this prestigious mushroom all year round.
It is still recommended to make some stocks of terfass in jars or cans.