Today, the confectionery TRIKI LE MOULIN is at the forefront of companies in the confectionery sector and specialties in the candy / sweet range in North Africa.

Its products, highly appreciated for their flavors in its recipes, can be found in the Middle East, America, Africa and Europe.
Born from a merger between 2 companies belonging to the TRIKI family:

  • le Moulin (1948), specializing in the manufacture of Halwa Chamia and candies)
  • Confiserie du Sud (1968), specialized in the production of Chewing-gum and Bubble-gum.

MOULIN VILLE is a wholesale importer of the Helva LE MOULIN brand in France.

Products offered to our Professional Customers:


  • 200g tray
  • 350g tray
  • 400g Metal box