RIGA GOLD: grossiste alimentaire, conserves de sprats fumés des pays baltes, Lettonie. Vente aux professionnels
RIGA GOLD almost launched the fashion for Smoked SPRATS in oil on the French market. This makes it a well-known brand among our consumers.


All RIGA GOLD preserves: smoked sprats.
Wholesale to retailers, wholesalers, supermarkets, purchasing groups.
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MOULIN VILLE is a food wholesaler of the Riga Gold brand

Products distributed wholesale for professionals:

  • Smoked sprats in glass jar 270 gr, Vegetable oil
  • Smoked sprats in tin 120 gr, transparent lid, vegetable oil

RIGA GOLD: the brand

RIGA GOLD takes its name from RIGA, the capital of Latvia.
The notoriety of the Riga Gold brand has increased in France, with consumers looking for the delicate taste of smoked Sprats.
Straight inspired by the traditional flavors of the shores of the Baltic Sea, smoked sprats are a specialty of the Baltic countries.

The parent company, created in 1995, has historically specialized in the distribution of canned fish.

With its own fishing fleet and canning factory, the company was able to quickly focus on the production of canned fish guaranteeing the highest quality.

Today it is the largest manufacturer of canned sprat in the Baltic countries..
A quality recognized in 46 countries around the world.

Guarantors of the superior quality of their products, they also produced the famous boxes with transparent lids, which changed the notoriety of Latvian sprats.
When we are sure of what we are selling, we are proud to show it!

RIGA GOLD: products

Coming from Latvia, Smoked SPRAT is one of the most popular foods in the Baltic Sea countries.
RIGA GOLD sprats are a source of omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin D, with a high content of vitamin B12.


Preserved in oil, smoked Sprats are an ideal dish for an aperitif.
Enjoy them on a lightly buttered slice of bread, accompanied by a cold beer.
On toast, it will be even better.

They are a delicious accompaniment to potato salads. And it will be even better if the salad is served lukewarm, with capers and shallots.