Wholesaler importer YURRITA best anchovies from Cantabria
YURRITA is a recognized brand among the best gourmet quality anchovy fillets. This treasure of the sea with silvery sparkles is recognized by gourmets.

YURRITA Catalogue

Moulin-Ville has chosen the Cantabrian anchovies YURRITA most popular with informed consumers.
Prepared without skin or bones, these anchovies are among the best canned anchovies.
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YURRITA: the best of anchovies, in Cantabria

YURRITA is first and foremost known for its canned Cantabrian anchovies, the house speciality.
The result of expertise demonstrated since 1867, YURRITA anchovy fillets are produced using the traditional method used at YURRITA for 150 years.

These small fish, caught in the spring near the coast of Cantabria, are the most popular anchovies, due to the quality of their flesh, with a very fine taste.
Anchovies from Cantabria (northern Spain, close to the Bay of Biscay) benefit from the ocean currents of this coastal region between the Spanish Basque country and Castile and León.

YURRITA: the know-how

Yurrita Group is as much about respecting know-how as it is about preserving resources.
The family-sized business employs around 100 people.
Generation after generation, YURRITA has devoted itself to the canning of fish.
Its cannery is located in a city known for its great tradition of canned fish, and a history still linked to the sea.

Sustainable fishing

The YURRITA factory uses fish caught using traditional fishing gear, respecting marine reserves, and following protocols developed for sustainable fishing management.

YURRITA selects anchovies caught with traditional fishing methods.
With the desire to respect marine reserves, for sustainable management of anchovy fishing.

Artisanal elaboration, "Haute Couture" anchovies

The elaboration of YURRITA anchovy fillets is done by hand, with particular care applied throughout the process: from selection to packaging.
Going through all the stages of salting and maturing before canning.

MOULIN VILLE offers YURRITA anchovies to professionals

We sell YURRITA anchovies to food industry professionals: wholesalers, purchasing groups, department stores, supermarkets...
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YURRITA: the brand

Yurrita Group is first and foremost a family business, founded in 1867.

A long history of passion

Originally, YURRITA was dedicated to the production and sale of pickled and salted fish which it distributed from Mutriku, to the rest of Spain, by horse-drawn carts.
The activity started in the basement of the Yurrita family house.
This original cannery is known as "Casa Mauleón".
Of all the current Spanish canneries, this building is probably the oldest of those dedicated to the production of canned fish.

Mauleon House

The company was founded by Mr. José Miguel Mauleón, in the very place of residence of the family: the "Casa Mauleón".

It was by marrying Agapito Yurrita that José Miguel's daughter, Francisca, formed the second generation, and the beginning of Yurrita's history as an agri-food company, specializing in the canning and salting industry.
Five generations later, with 150 years of history, YURRITA is the oldest cannery in the Basque Country of Spain, still in operation.

An international reputation

After the war, the company concentrated its efforts on the international market, in order to maintain its activity in these difficult years.
An export effort which then continued.
And thanks to which YURRITA is a canned fish brand recognized in more than 60 countries around the world, especially by the Cantabrian anchovy "00", the company's flagship product.