SICAM, conserves tomate et harissa, importées de Tunisie par MOULIN Ville, grossiste SICAM

MOULIN VILLE is a wholesale importer of the SICAM brand in France.

Products imported from Tunisia and offered to our Professional Customers:

Canned tomatoes and tomato paste

Canned Harissa and Sauce

SICAM: the brand

SICAM is the leading producer in Tunisia for canned tomatoes, Harissa and jam.
The company, undisputed leader in its country in terms of the quantity of tomatoes processed, also has excellent international recognition: in Europe, in Arab countries, in North America, in Australia and even in Russia.

A reputation obtained thanks to the control of the production chain, from start to finish.
Indeed, SICAM, whose development is based on both quality and innovation, works very closely with the farmers from whom it obtains its supplies.
Farmers whom the company considers above all as partners.

A win/win spirit that is reflected in the management of their employees, who are very involved in their work thanks to an active training policy.