CREM'OR, grossiste importateur: pâtes à tartiner VEGAN
CREM'OR is the little sister of the famous MAND'OR almond milks. We selected this range of spreads especially for VEGAN consumers.

CREM'OR Catalog

The range of three treats to spread (or to devour with a spoon...) chosen by MOULIN VILLE France.
VEGAN spreads, without milk and without soy, based on Almonds, Pistachios or Hazelnuts, in generous proportions: 20% of nuts for each recipe.

Sales to professionals and bulk orders. Wholesale to retailers, wholesalers, supermarkets, purchasing groups.
Looking for Kosher products? Consult our dedicated catalog.

MOULIN VILLE is wholesale importer of the CREM'OR brand in France.

CREM'OR: Italian sweetness

Vegan spreads

CREM'OR spreadable creams are produced in compliance with the VEGAN diet, strictly without any animal products.

Excellent as a spread, they are also tasty in many pastry uses.
To stuff croissants or brioches, enhance homemade dessert toppings, garnish chocolates or flavor delicious homemade ice creams, etc.
Of course, provided you resist the temptation to empty the pot with a teaspoon...

These spreads can be stored at room temperature, in a cool and dry place.
For the warmer summer months, it is advisable to keep them in the refrigerator, in order to preserve their taste quality, and to prevent the natural oil of the nuts from separating too much from the paste.

This natural oil (of almonds, hazelnuts or pistachios) can also appear in a light film on the top of the preparation, when the jar is opened: a guarantee of quality products.
Just mix it up to reintegrate this tasty flavor into the VEGAN spread, which also gives it all its creaminess.

CREM'OR: the brand

CREM'OR spreads are imported into France by MOULIN VILLE.

CREM'OR was originally developed by a small craft company founded in 1980, with a logic of local production.
And whose know-how is based on the production of Calabrian specialties (marzipan and nougat).
Then its manager, Sebastiano Polimeni, oriented its production to meet the demands of major retail chains, but respecting the seasonality of products and the needs of families, in a constantly changing food market.

Thus, the parent company has developed a real know-how, which is its strong point.

The 10,000 m² production plant, based in Italy, has thus become a recognized benchmark in the processing of dried fruits and almond-derived products.
Expertise and quality also recognized around the world, with MAND’OR UHT almond milk launched in 2003, also offered in the Moulin Ville catalog.

Moulin Ville, importer of Italian specialties

Sale to food industry professionals: wholesalers, small, medium and large surface networks... Direct online sales
We have selected these spreads, sold in 240g jars:

  • Vegan almond cream
  • Vegan pistachio cream
  • Vegan hazelnut cream