Wholesaler importer LUXEAPERS best organic capers, confit garlic, capers, dried tomatoes
LUXEAPERS is a world-renowned brand for its condiments in vinegar or oil: capers, caperberries, candied garlic, dried tomatoes...


Moulin-Ville has chosen the references of LUXEAPERS for the condiments most in demand in France.
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LUXEAPERS: the benchmark for capers & capers

Renowned on several continents (Americas, Africa, Europe, Asia...), LUXEAPERS holds no less than 7 labels (including BRC Food, IFS, KOSHER, ISO 9000, ISO 14000...)

If the quality of their products is rewarded by these certifications, it is even more so by the number of countries where LUXEAPERS exports its condiments.
So the gourmets of more than 112 nations who can appreciate capers, caperberry, confit garlic, dried tomatoes etc. on their plate.

LUXEAPERS: the know-how

Luxeapers has been part of a group of companies specializing in the agri-food sector since 2008.
Group of international stature, with more than 60 years of experience in the sector.

QUALITY is the pillar on which the commercial success of LUXEAPERS rests.
To achieve this, the factory combines seriousness, tradition, innovation and care for its customers.
LUXEAPERS implements the most advanced technical means in terms of production, packaging and food safety.

This in a continuous process of development to meet market and consumer demands.

MOULIN VILLE, supplier of LUXEAPERS condiments for professionals

We sell LUXEAPERS condiments to food industry professionals: wholesalers, purchasing groups, department stores, supermarkets...
Selection for kosher stores and wholesalers as well.

LUXEAPERS: the Brand

In addition to its facilities equipped with the latest technologies, LUXEAPERS has plantations in different countries, which allows it better control of raw material supplies.

Concerned about food safety and quality, recognized for its professionalism in the packaging of organic products, Luxeapers has integrated the latest technologies into its canning process:

  • detection of foreign bodies (X-ray devices),
  • sanitary disinfection of packaging before packaging,
  • product pasteurization.

This requirement, supported by a highly qualified workforce, has placed Luxeapers as one of the most important food companies in its market.

LUXEAPERS: quality Lovers

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