AÏCHA: produits du Maroc, grossiste alimentaire France, vente en gros, vente aux professionnels

MOULIN VILLE is a food wholesaler of the AÏCHA brand in France.

AÏCHA Catalog

All AÏCHA preserves and jams sold by Moulin Ville at wholesale prices.
Wholesale to retailers, wholesalers, supermarkets, purchasing groups.
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Moroccan AÏCHA products distributed wholesale, for professionals:

Sweet Flavours:

  • Moroccan Jams: Morning Glory Cream, Apricots, Fig, Strawberry, Orange...

Salty Flavours:

  • Capers and Caperons
  • Beldi Candied Lemons
  • Olives from Morocco: Greek-style black olives, broken green olives with garlic or herbs, spicy broken green olives, pitted or whole green olives, sliced ​​green olives, pitted purple olives and purple olives for tajine

Cooking Ingredients

  • Tomato concentrate,
  • Moroccan Virgin or Organic Olive Oil,
  • Pili Pili Red Peppers

Exceptional products

  • Organic Argan oil glass bottle 0.25 l

AÏCHA: products

The AÏCHA brand is one of the best-known food brands in its country of origin: Morocco.

In particular for its jams, marked by the television SAGA of its little mascot: AÏCHA.
Pampered by mothers, she is the idol of Moroccan children.

In order to ensure the highest quality of its preserves and oils, the parent company of the AÏCHA brand has long been committed to controlling its raw material supplies.
It has thus developed its agricultural activities, and acquired remarkable experience in the cultivation of strawberries, tomatoes and olives.
It even has its own olive groves.
This know-how now extends to all the fruits it processes.
In addition to controlling its supplies of olives, fruits and tomatoes, the company has its own product processing, canning production and bottling units.

AïCHA virgin olive oil

Thanks to the complete control of its production chain, AÏCHA offers Moroccan Olive Oils of the highest quality.

AICHA jams

Aïcha® selects the best fresh seasonal fruits to prepare its flavorful jams, with jealously guarded authentic recipes.
Aïcha® jams contain real pieces of fruit.

AICHA tomatoes

Aïcha® Tomato Concentrate is prepared with rigorously selected fresh tomatoes.
Their cultivation is carefully monitored from seed to harvest.

Olives and Condiments

The olives used are picked from the best soils in Morocco.
The Aïcha® know-how preserves the exceptional taste and flavor of the fruit, in all the preparations offered.
Whole or pitted, seasoned with spices or herbs, Aïcha® Olives are ready to taste for an aperitif, or to accompany your hot or cold dishes.

Beldis Aïcha® Lemons combine tradition and refinement, according to a traditional Moroccan recipe based on water and salt.
They enhance the flavor of marinades.

Pili Pili Aïcha® peppers are fine and strong peppers, with their spicy and exceptional flavor appreciated by many gourmets.

Aïcha® capers and capers are carefully harvested by hand, to offer the consumer crunchy capers with a delicate flavor, and firm capers with a pronounced taste.
They enhance the taste of sauces, salads and savory dishes.

AÏCHA: the brand

The AICHA brand was created in the city of Meknes in Morocco in 1929.
It founded its reputation for excellence around its famous jam, then expanded its range over time.
Moulin-Ville distributes some of the AICHA products in the traditional network.

Here is an anecdotal detail of the Moroccan food brand.
Indeed, the little girl on the AÏCHA logo was created by the fathers of the two most famous Gauls on the planet: Asterix and Obelix.
It was indeed René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo who finalized the little mascot for the very first animated advertising campaigns, at the time of the Dogmatix studios.

Much later, very committed to women and children, the AÏCHA brand will hire a figure from the 2000s for its promotional campaigns.
Thus, the famous model Adriana Karembeu for the promotion of AÏCHA Light jams.

The AÏCHA brand has shown so much innovation in its promotions that its communication campaigns are still a textbook case today for higher education schools in marketing.

AÏCHA Commercial with Adriana Karembeu

Here is the famous Aïcha light jam pub spot, shot with Adriana Karembeu in the fantastic dune landscapes of the "Trophée des Gazelles".

The so so famous singer KHALED and his song AÏCHA, written and composed by Jean-Jacques Goldman, will also be part of the media adventures of little AÏCHA.