The Moulin-Ville company has ethnic agro-food products manufactured and distributed in France.
Our products are marketed on the traditional market such as ethnic grocery stores or halal butchers as well as in certain large retail chains.

Our Brands

Our Ranges

Specialists in canned fish, and more particularly canned tuna (tin and glass jar), we also market a wide range of culinary products and kitchen ingredients with flavors from elsewhere.
Oils and Vinegars, canned anchovies, Sardines, traditional salads such as Mechouia or Chakchouka, Mloukhia.
Jams, Honey, Hazelnut Cocoa Spreads without palm oil.
Condiments, olives, peppers, Harissa, Canned tomatoes, Beldi lemons ...
And even an excellent almond milk without preservatives or coloring.

Countries: ethnic culinary specialties

We offer culinary products, ingredients and specialties from around the Mediterranean and the Maghreb: Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal.