Tradition and Terroir: this is the DNA of MONARI FEDERZONI, the brand of Italian products known worldwide for its balsamic vinegar of Modena.

Monari Federzoni Vinegar soil

Modena is the historic capital of balsamic vinegar, which has become the undisputed flagship of this land of food excellence.
The typical balsamic vinegar is produced in this region alone, under two names:

It is to the climate of this region that the Balsamic vinegar of Modena owes its very specific taste.
The very hot and humid summer periods which follow the long and cold winter periods provide the ideal conditions for the aging of balsamic vinegar of Modena.

And it is precisely on this land that the history of MONARI FEDERZONI was born.

Monari Federzoni: Tradition

For more than a hundred years, MONARI FEDERZONI has been associated with the worldwide renown of this vinegar and this terroir, synonymous with passion and love.
MONARI FEDERZONI is today a leading company.
Its history began with that of the family which has worked for several generations to produce an excellent Balsamic Vinegar.

MONARI FEDERZONI is the first company in Italy to receive the sales authorization license.
It was in 1912...

MOULIN VILLE is a wholesale importer of the MONARI FEDERZONI brand in France.

Imported products: