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EL MANAR Produits


The whole process of making the tuna filets EL Manar is done manually in order to preserve the delicate texture of this premium product. The tuna is carefully cut, cleaned and cooked before being covered with olive oil. Tuna filets are available in 300g jars. Should you wish to get further information on EL MANAR …

Confitures AICHA avec des produits du Maroc
AICHA Produits

Confitures AICHA

Since always Aïcha selects the best fruits to prepare jams according to secret recipes secretly kept. Rich in vitamins and made from fresh fruits, Aicha jams keep all the purity of the fruits and give you a real moment of pleasure. On Line Shop

AICHA: condiments et huile du Maroc. Tomates, câpres, Olives à tajine. Moulin Ville importateur Grossiste
AICHA Produits

AICHA: condiments & huile

Aïcha lemons are prepared with delicacy, following a traditional Moroccan recipe based on water and salt. They give a lot of taste to your dishes. Aïcha peppers Pili Pili are fine and strong peppers. Their tangy flavor enhances the taste. Aïcha capers are carefully harvested by hand by specialists. On Line Shop

AICHA Produits

Sauce tajine AICHA

AICHA tajine sauces are intended to facilitate the task of preparing a tajine. 4 sauces are proposed: – A chicken tajine sauce with candied lemons and olives – A meat tagine sauce with tomatoes and onions – Fish tagine sauce with red peppers – A tajine sauce with raisins with a salty-sweet taste. On Line …

EL MANAR Produits

Sardines EL MANAR

The Sardines have helped building the excellent reputation of the brand EL MANAR. They are a delight in salads or as an accompaniment to meals. For more information you can go directly to the website of our partner, the factory Manarthon: EL Manar sardines are available in three flavours: Sardines in Olive Oil, Sardines in …

AMILCAR Produits

Sauces halal AMILCAR

The halal sauces AMILCAR are produced in Belgium, a country famous for the production of sauces and mayonnaise. These sauces halal have been specially designed to accompany the dishes or oriental sandwich. The new tube “top down” is much more convenient to use. Format: 500ml These sauces are available in 6 flavours: White sauce, Algerian …

AMILCAR Produits

Huile d’olive AMILCAR

Bursting with Tunisian sunshine, the extra-virgin olive oil AMILCAR is guaranteed 100% original Tunisia. It offers an alternative taste to the Italian and Spanish oils. Subtle and delicate, its taste is sweet and slightly fruity. The olives are selected and cold pressed the same day Its production is subject to constant monitoring by European standards. …