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AMILCAR Produits

Sauces halal AMILCAR

The halal sauces AMILCAR are produced in Belgium, a country famous for the production of sauces and mayonnaise. These sauces halal have been specially designed to accompany the dishes or oriental sandwich. The new tube “top down” is much more convenient to use. Format: 500ml These sauces are available in 6 flavours: White sauce, Algerian …

AMILCAR Produits

Huile d’olive AMILCAR

Bursting with Tunisian sunshine, the extra-virgin olive oil AMILCAR is guaranteed 100% original Tunisia. It offers an alternative taste to the Italian and Spanish oils. Subtle and delicate, its taste is sweet and slightly fruity. The olives are selected and cold pressed the same day Its production is subject to constant monitoring by European standards. …